Leon Schidlowsky




Die Menschen (4 act opera, libretto from the composer, after Walter Hasenclever), 1969.
Der Dibbuk (3 act opera, libretto from the composer, after Shloyme Anski), 1993.
Before Breakfast (1 act opera, libretto from the composer, after Eugene O'Neill), 1998.



Konstellation I, string orchestra, 1969.
Sprüche, (3 parts), 12 solo voices (6 sopranos and 6 bass), 1969.
Szene für neuen, soprano, flute, double bass, percussion instruments, 1969.
Begegnungen, piano and percussion, 1970.
Si la carta dice: "Me gustaría volver a ver a Blanca", (text anonymous), piano and percussion, 1970.
Sonora, percussion, 1970, IMI 267.
Arcanos, percussion, 1971.
Monodrama (7 parts), percussion, 1971.
Konstellation II, string orchestra, 1971.
Trigon, violin (viola), cello, piano, 1971, AM-Vienna.
Kolot – Voices, harp, 1971, IMI 242.
Canticas, soprano, alto, countertenor, tenor, baritone, bass, 1971.
Annabel Lee, CB solo, 1971.
Etüde, Orchestra, 1972, AM-Vienna.
Acting, orchestra, 1972, AM-Vienna.
Actions for Piano, 1972, IMI 7947.
An Anna Blume (text from Kurt Schwitters), soprano, alto, baritone, 1972, AM-Vienna.
He engraves signs into the heavenly sphere (text by Gershom Sholem), voice, percussion, 1972.
Eleven Tombstones (texts from Bertolt Brecht, Dylan Thomas, anonymous sources, the Bible), alto, French horn, 2 trumpets, trombone, tuba, percussion, tape, 1972, IMI 295.
Hommage to Picasso (text from Gertrude Stein), voice, 1972.
Vera la morte (monodrama, text from Cesare Pavese), voice, percussion, 1972, AM-Vienna.
Ballade for voice and Irish Minstrel Harp (text from a Tamil source), voice, Celtic harp, 1973.
Signals, celesta, vibraphone, organ, marimbaphone, 2 pianos, glockenspiel (chimes), 1973.
De profundis [text from Carlos de Rokha], voice, tubular bells, 1973.
Masada (7 parts), choir and orchestra, 1973.
Momentum [text from an anonymous source], voice, piano, organ, celesta, 3 percussions, 1973.
Tetralog, 1972-74 (each of its four sections may be performed separately:
    1. Music for Piano and Winds
    2: Music for Piano and Strings
    3: Music for Piano and Percussion
    4: Music for Piano and Voice
Ritual, percussion, 1974.
DADAYAmasONG (text from Franz Mehring), soprano, saxophone, piano, percussion, 1975, IMI 493.


Aria (text from Giuseppe Ungaretti), voice, 1976;
Chanson (text from Paul Éluard), voice, tam-tam, 1976;
Golem (7 parts; text from the composer), 7 mixed voices, tape, 1976, IMI 480.
Schatten, 7 violins, 7 celli, 7 double basses, 7 tubular bells (+ 7 gongs) (1 player), 1976;
Annabel Lee (text from Edgar Allan Poe), any voice, tape, 1977;
Misa Sine Nomine (In Memoriam Victor Jara), 1977 (11 parts, each one of its may be performed separately [all with slide projections]),  IMI 7163:
    1: Bereschít bará elohím et haschamáim weét haáretz [text from the Bible], 2 mixed choruses, percussion
    2: Kyrie eleison, large mixed chorus
    3: Lied [text from George Grosz], speaker, organ
    4: Gloria, large mixed chorus, 4 gongs [1 player]
    5: Chile [text from the composer], 20 mixed voices
    6: Credo, speaker, large mixed chorus, organ, 4 bass drums [1 player]
    7: Benedictus, 36 mixed voices, 4 suspended cymbals [1 player]
    8: Ich komme [text from Vladimir Mayakovsky], 36 mixed voices
    9: Dona nobis pacem, large mixed chorus
    10: Babel [text from the Bible], 6 sopranos, 6 altos, 4 tenors, 4 basses
    11: Epilog [text from the Bible], speaker, small mixed chorus, large mixed chorus, organ, 4 percussion).
Sound Poem (text from Hugo Ball), alto, piano, 1977.
Palindrom (vocalise), female chorus, 1979.
Annabel Lee [Text from Edgar Allan Poe], Stimmen (1 masculine speaker and 1 female singer), piano, celesta, organ, harmonium, cembalo and percussion instruments, 1977.
Klagemauer (text from the Bible), speaker, choir, flexatone, vibraphone, clarinet, piano, chimes, gongs, glass harmonica, tam-tam and tape, 1979.
Tod einer Schauspielerin (text: the composer, collage), mixed ensemble of singers with masks, 1979.
Deutschland, ein Wintermärchen (7 parts), (text: the composer, collage), for Choir, Speaker, Soloist, Piano, and percussion ensemble, 1979.
Quintet, Flute, oboe, clarinet, fagot, horn, 1980.
Der schwarze Gott (7 parts), (text from Klabund [Alfred Henschke]), female chorus, flute, harp, organ, 1980, IMI 7164.
Nada (text: the composer), female voice; 1980.
Gilgul, piano, 1980, IMI 7934.
Für Klavier, piano, 1980, IMI 7948.
If we die (Aria) (Text from Ethel Rosenberg), Female voice, 1981.
Izkor, (text: the composer collage), big theatre group, 1982.
Voices, mixed chorus 1982.
Motu propio, mixed chorus, percussion 1983.
Toccata, percussion, 1983, IMI 7928.
Choral [text from the Bible], mixed chorus, piano, organ, harp, celesta, percussion; 1984.
Prelude [vocalise], mixed chorus, piano, organ, harp, celesta, 1984.
A man between stones, 4 stones (+ percussion) (1 player), 1987.
Am Grab Kafka´s (text from Franz Kafka), female voice (+ crotales), slide projections, 1994, IMI 7009.
Greise sind die Sterne geworden – eine moderne Passion (11 parts; texts from Heinrich Heine, Georg Trakl, Else Laske-Schüler, Mascha Kaléko, Erich Fried, M. Gaztrum, Novalis, the Bible), soprano, alto, baritone, speaker, mixed chorus, piano, organ, harpsichord, celesta, 3 percussion, 1997, IMI 7178.
Permutaciones, (text: the composer, collage), voice or voices with percussion (claves, maracas, finger cymbals, güiro and flexatone) 2012.


IMI = Israel Music Institute
AM-Viena = Ariadne Musikverlag, Vienna.